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Uplift & improve droopy eyelids
with prescription eye drops.
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UPNEEQ® is the first and only eyedrop FDA-approved for improving acquired ptosis (droopy eyelids caused by aging.) The daily prescription eye drops temporarily lift the muscle in the upper eyelid, allowing the eyes to open wider.

For more youthful-looking eyes and an overall more rejuvenated appearance, contact your local Upneeq provider to learn more. Revenge MD is proud to offer Upneeq prescription eye drops to their clients in Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada. Call us at (702) 335-7033 (Las Vegas) or (775) 455-3727 (Reno) to schedule a consultation to learn more about this revolutionary eyelid treatment and discover if it is right for you.


  • Non-surgical alternative to eyelid surgery
  • FDA approved
  • Safe and effective prescription medication
  • Improves acquired ptosis

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Before and After*

Examples of positive results after the first dose of Upneeq

Before and after Upneeq results.

Upneeq before and after results show genuine patients exhibiting improvements in the appearance of their eyelids. As with any cosmetic treatment, outcomes may vary.*

For optimal results, proper patient selection is necessary. Discover if Upneeq is right for you by scheduling a consultation with Revenge MD, the premier provider of Upneeq in Reno and Las Vegas, NV.


The prescription eye drops are given once a day, one drop into each eye.

Upneeq eye drops contain an active ingredient consisting of a 0.1% oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution. This solution is found in other commonly used medications, like nasal decongestant spray. With Upneeq, the oxymetazoline causes the upper eyelid muscle to contract or tighten up. This causes a lifting effect on the eyelid and allows the eye to open wider.

Upneeq’s impressive lifting effect is temporary. Visible improvements show within 15 minutes. Results can last up to 6 hours.


Upneeq costs, on average, $220 for a 30-day supply. That is a little over $7 per day. The eye-lifting eye drops are not covered by insurance companies.


Normal eye before upneeq.


Mild droopy eye before upneeq.


Moderate droopy eye treatable with upneeq.


Severe droopy eye that can be corrected with upneeq.


Ptosis is a medical term for droopy eyelids. It may be genetic (congenital ptosis), caused by aging (acquired ptosis), or caused by other issues like:

  • surgery (cataract surgery or LASIK)
  • eye injuries
  • wearing contact lenses
  • migrating Botox
  • other medical conditions

Upneeq eye drops are made to treat acquired ptosis, the most common cause of droopy eyelids.
Many adults over 40 suffer from a degree of acquired ptosis. The skin loses structural proteins (elastin and collagen) the older we become. Elasticity is the ability of the skin to bounce back into place. When we lose this elasticity, the constant pull of gravity causes the upper eyelids to droop. Acquire ptosis is a primary cosmetic concern. However, drooping eyelids can impair vision, making this an extremely valid concern.


Blepharoplasty is a popular eyelid surgery. In 2020 alone, this surgery was performed over 325,000 times—making Blepharoplasty the second most popular cosmetic surgery in the nation, right behind rhinoplasty (nose job.)

While eyelid surgery is popular, it does have several drawbacks, like eyelid scarring. During the surgery, the doctor cuts along the upper eyelid’s natural crease and removes excess skin, muscle, or fat. The incisions are visible for close to a year afterward. One year after the surgery, scarring fades to a less noticeable skin color and can only be seen when the eyes are shut.

After Blepharoplasty, swelling and bruising may take up to six weeks to subside. While this eyelid surgery is invasive, it dramatically improves eyelids that last for up to 6-7 years.

Upneeq is an alternative to surgical Blepharoplasty. The prescription eye drop is ideal for moderate and temporary improvements to droopy eyelids.

Upneeq vs Blepharoplasty side by side comparison graphic.


Almost 90% of patients see a visible improvement in their droopy eyelids after Upneeq use. On average, patients saw a 1mm lift in their upper eyelid. Results are seen within 15 minutes of applying the eye drops. Some patients saw improvements in as little as 5 minutes. As with all medical treatments, results will vary per person.*


Upneeq is FDA approved as safe and effective for use. Side effects are rare. However, a small number of people may experience eye inflammation, redness, dryness, blurred vision, or headaches. If you experience these side effects, they are mild and temporary.


Upneeq is a prescription eye drop perfect for anyone suffering from acquired ptosis (droopy eyelids caused by aging.) The daily drops provide moderate improvements. It is also good for people who want younger-looking eyes without surgery.

Upneeq may interfere with certain medicines, especially blood pressure or amine metabolism medications. Be sure to discuss medication use and medical history with your doctor before you begin using Upneeq.


Stop struggling with droopy eyelids that cause you to look tired and older. Learn about the revolutionary eye drops capable of improving acquired ptosis in just 15 minutes. Contact Revenge MD today to learn more and Upneeq drops. Call (702) 335-7033 to schedule a consultation and discover if this form of medication is right for your body and needs.


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Mya O.

The staff and owner give fantastic care and beautiful youthful results. I have taken many friends and family to Revenge for services. I recommend trying to get a appointment first thing in the AM. Thank you Revenge MD.


Carlene S.

The staff here is amazing! Very knowledgeable about threading, answered all my questions and ended up getting filler and Botox. Dr. Washington and July were amazing! I’m a bit of a baby and they walked me through everything and held my hand! I love my results. It’s only been 3 weeks, but I cannot wait to see them again!


Tara G.

Woman with youthful appearance and lifted eyes as a result of Upneeq treatment.

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**Results may vary. We are reputable for complete customer satisfaction for completed treatments. Before and after images reflect real results from real patients, although individual results may vary. No treatment is promised to provide permanent results. A guarantee is neither provided nor implied. Statements estimating treatment duration and the number of treatments required are based on the typical experience or our patients, however individual experiences may vary.


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