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Lip Fillers in Las Vegas

Many of the most stunning models, television personalities, and influencers have beautiful, full lips. While some may have the luck of genetics, others rely on injectable lip fillers to help them get their perfect pouts. So, whether you were born with thin lips or they’ve lost volume as you’ve aged, you may be able to get the look you want with lip fillers in Las Vegas.

Revenge MD is a leading provider of injectable cosmetic treatments in Las Vegas and Reno. These treatments can do everything from reducing the appearance of wrinkles to improving the shape and fullness of your lips. In addition, we provide customized treatment plans to help you look your best. There’s no greater revenge than transforming into your most beautiful and confident version. Call us at (702) 335-7033 (Las Vegas/Henderson location) or (775) 983-5630 (Reno, NV location) to schedule an appointment for Las Vegas lip fillers.

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Benefits of Lip Fillers

As the body ages, it naturally produces less collagen. Since collagen is responsible for giving the lips a full, youthful appearance, it’s no surprise that most people experience lip thinning as they grow older. Las Vegas lip augmentation can help you maintain a more youthful appearance by plumping the lips and giving them better volume and structure. It can also smooth out deep wrinkles, making the lips shapelier and more attractive. In addition, patients who receive lip fillers in Las Vegas can enjoy the following benefits:

Lip Filler Injections
Before and After*

The lip fillers before and after images illustrate how powerful Las Vegas lip augmentation can be. See for yourself how this non-surgical cosmetic treatment can create a more youthful and dramatic appearance. Notice how the images show a wide range of results because no two outcomes are exactly the same. Not all patients respond identically to treatment. Individual results may vary.*

A few of our patient results

How Lip Enhancement with Fillers Work

Lip fillers are adjustable, correctable, and safe.1 A thin needle injects them into strategic injection zones in the lips. Once injected, lip fillers can improve volume and appearance while eliminating asymmetries in one or both lips.

Different lip fillers are available, but the most popular types use hyaluronic acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body, so there is a lower risk of allergic reactions when using HA fillers than other fillers. Revenge MD uses HA fillers from trusted name brands such as Juvéderm, Restylane, Radiesse, VERSA, and Belotero. Las Vegas lip augmentation injections can be done alone or with Botox for more dramatic results.

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What to Expect From Las Vegas Lip Augmentation

The lips are highly sensitive, which causes some people to worry about discomfort during lip augmentation procedures. While most people experience minimal pain during the procedure, you may wish to request products containing numbing agents. This can help reduce discomfort from the needle entering your skin.

Lip augmentation procedures typically take less than an hour to perform, but the results last much longer than that. Most people can expect their fillers to last anywhere between 6-9 months. Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvéderm and Restylane are the longest-lasting lip fillers available. They are also easy to adjust and control and have a minimal risk of side effects.

Beautiful woman with full lips modeling the various lip filler treatment areas for patients at Revenge MD.

Lip Fillers FAQs

Lip filler injections in Las Vegas can cost anywhere between $500 and $1,000 per treatment. But the average cost is around $647. Many factors can influence this cost, including the location of treatment, the type of lip filler you use, and how much filler you need to get the desired results. Any add-on treatments will also impact your final price.

As with any aesthetic procedure, some risks are associated with Las Vegas lip fillers. They include bleeding and soreness at the injection sites, swelling, and bruising. There’s also a possibility that the lips may be different sizes after treatment. However, HA fillers are dissolvable, easy to adjust, and can be corrected. You may speak to the professionals of Revenge MD during your consultation to fully understand the risks or side effects.

Most lip fillers can last anywhere between 6-12 months. Over time, the efficacy of the lip fillers will begin to decrease as the body slowly absorbs the filler materials. Other factors, such as diet, sun exposure, and smoking habits, can also impact how long lip fillers last.

Recovery time is minimal after lip augmentation. However, avoiding excessive sun exposure or smoking for at least 48 hours after your injections are recommended. You should also protect your lips with specialized skincare products designed for use after lip augmentation. They can help prevent damage from the sun and free radicals after your treatment. Finally, avoid applying exfoliating products to your lips for at least a week after your injections.

The best lip augmentation candidates are adults with naturally thin lips or age-related volume loss. Individuals who want to improve the symmetry of their lips or minimize the appearance of overly gummy smiles may also benefit from lip fillers in Las Vegas.

If you receive lip injections from someone who is inexperienced or underqualified, you could experience adverse effects that may permanently impact the appearance of your lips. That’s why it’s so important to only receive Las Vegas lip augmentation from a qualified provider such as Revenge MD.

Try Lip Fillers in Las Vegas

There’s no reason to live with wrinkled, thinning lips when you can plump them up in about 30 minutes. To schedule an appointment for lip fillers in Las Vegas, contact Revenge MD today. We have two conveniently-located offices you can call to book your appointment. Residents of Las Vegas, Henderson, and surrounding areas are welcome to call our La Vegas location at (702) 335-7033. Residents of Reno, NV, please call our Reno location at (775) 983-5630.


SOOOO Happy with my lip fillers! It was my first time getting lip fillers and I still wanted the natural look. They did such an amazing job! Thank you Revenge.


Mya O.

The staff and owner give fantastic care and beautiful youthful results. I have taken many friends and family to Revenge for services. I recommend trying to get a appointment first thing in the AM. Thank you Revenge MD.


Carlene S.

The staff here is amazing! Very knowledgeable about threading, answered all my questions and ended up getting filler and Botox. Dr. Washington and July were amazing! I’m a bit of a baby and they walked me through everything and held my hand! I love my results. It’s only been 3 weeks, but I cannot wait to see them again!


Tara G.

A lovely woman touching her full lips promoting lip lip filler treatment, a service offered at Revenge MD in Reno, and Henderson, NV

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